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Taking the right step at the right time can save huge losses. Many a times property owners ignore small things such as water leaks, until they realize that it is too late. Often the damage would have spread so much by then that extensive repairs and restoration becomes an immediate necessity. This is why it is important to take care of these small aspects so that there are no issues later on. If you don’t fix water leaks at the earliest, it can lead to harmful contamination, mold growth and structural damage.

If you suspect water leakage in your property, call Boynton Beach Water Damage by dialing 561-320-4044 Our professionals can detect and fix a leak in no time. We have been in the industry for the past 20 years and with our extensive experience, we are suitably equipped to take care of any such issues with deftness and accuracy.

Where's the leak?

It is often not easy to find out where exactly a leak is located. A sudden increase in water bills is a good indication that there is a leakage in your property. Damp areas in walls or ceilings can also hint at leaks in the property. There is little that an inexperienced person can do on discovering a leak in the property. You wouldn’t want to rip your flooring or drywall apart if you detect a leak. At such times, its best to call in water leaks detection specialist in Boynton Beach, FL area at the earliest. At Boynton Beach Water Damage we use the most non-invasive technology and cutting edge techniques to find out leaks and repair them.

How our thermal imaging process works?

Our experts come equipped with the latest thermal imaging cameras to help detect leaks. The camera is extremely high-tech and helps determine the exact location of the leaks without the need to tear open the walls. The camera will also catch the temperature differences in different parts of the house and show the damp spots if any.

Thermal imaging: Why it’s the best?

  • It can identify hidden damp spots that can affect the interiors of your floors, walls or ceilings and lead to structural problems
  • It’s a non-invasive technique that causes zero damage, and can detect moisture even if its invisible
  • It’s fast and accurate and enables technicians to get to a solid conclusion without wasting any time during which the damage done can spread

Other leak detection techniques include:

Visual cues:

In this, a leak is detected based on areas where the water flow is prevalent. This method is however not so accurate and is used in combination with other techniques.

The sound test:

This technique employs acoustic equipments and uses the sounds of running water to find out the location of the leak.

Camera inspections:

Our professionals insert snake cams or fiber optic cameras into the pipes. They then view the image on a monitor to find out the place of leak.

Fix leaks before they cause extensive damage. If you live in and around Boynton Beach, FL area, call us at 561-320-4044.