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Nothing can be done when Nature chooses to unleash her fury on mortals. It can wipe off entire cities within moments. In fact, even just a few inches of water inside the house has the potential to cause serious damage to property. From damaging the structural integrity of your home to promoting mold growth, flooding of property can be dangerous. At such times, your only savior is Boynton Beach Water Damage – the best known reliable damage restoration company in Boynton Beach, FL that can help you put back your life together again.

We're flood ready. Are you?

While nothing can prepare you for a flood, you can be proactive and prevent it from causing extensive damage to your property. When struck with a disaster, you need to remember that every moment is precious and there should not be any delay in starting the restoration work. If you love in and around Boynton Beach, FL area, all you have to do is contact us on 561-320-4044 and we will be with you within 30 minutes and help set right things as fast as we can. We bring with us state-of-the-art equipments that help us remove water from the property and also dry it completely. We also remove the affected possessions and undertake restoration work as required so that your home becomes livable again. No matter the extent of the damage, you can depend on us to salvage your property and restore it to its pre-flood stage.

Stay safe after a flood:

If your property is flooded due to a water leak or heavy rains, here are some tips to help you stay safe till Boynton Beach Water Damage reaches you:

  • Electrical hazards: Watch out for electrical wires or equipments that are in contact with water. Unless the main switch is switched off, chances are that the water is electrified. Try to shut off the mains at the earliest to prevent any electrical dangers.
  • Biological hazards: Avoid foods that are in contact with water, unless it is in an air tight container. The water may be contaminated with water and be harmful for your health.
  • Physical hazards: The waters can hide dangers such as electrical wires, broken glass and so on, so remember to tread carefully or avoid wading through them completely.

Steps to a flood-free property:

1) Our restoration specialists salvage items in contact with water and put them in a safe place. They remove possessions that are totally damaged

2) They pump out the water with the help of water extraction units.

3) They use dehumidifiers, air blowers, heat vacuums and other tools to dry the property of all traces of moisture.

4) The experts check the contaminant level in the water and the property is cleaned with disinfectants to get rid of mold and microorganisms.

5) Walls, flooring and furniture are restored. In the event when restoration is not possible, the experts undertake replacement activities.

Is your property flooded? Don’t wait for the water to go away on its own! Call us at 561-320-4044! We will reach you in the shortest time, get the water out of your property and make your home livable again.