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Boynton Beach Water Damage Boynton Beach, FL 561-320-4044Ignoring water leakage or not addressing the damp areas in the house can cause a lot of damage to property. It can lead to mold growth that can wreck havoc on your floors, walls, furniture and structure of the property. Often property owners, in spite of carrying out regular cleaning of their home, forget to check for mold growth. Mold may grow underneath the floor, behind the walls or within ceiling cavities, harming the sanctity of your property. If you live in Boynton Beach, FL area and are looking for effective mold remediation services, Boynton Beach Water Damage is the best place to turn to.

An example of the dangers of mold:

In our 20 years of experience in eliminating mold growth, we have come across several instances when unchecked mold growth led to a host of issues. There were times when some families were suffering from cough, pneumonia, sinusitis and neurological issues for months without realizing that it was the unchecked mold growth in the property that was the reason behind it. Finally, when they called us on 561-320-4044, and we carried out our examination of the property that extensive mold growth was discovered. Our specialists then undertook thorough clean-up efforts to completely eliminate mold from the property.

Why you need professional mold remediation?

As a homeowner, you can take steps to eradicate mold growth but only if it is still visible and in the initial stages, when it has not spread much. Hidden mold growth can be difficult to eradicate and also there is a danger that you might not be able to remove it completely. This leaves your property at risk of being infested with it again.

Here's why it is best to call for mold remediation:

1)  Timely detection: Mold growth spreads very fast. It takes just 48-72 hours to grow. Timely intervention is extremely crucial to ensure less harm to property. At Boynton Beach Water Damage, we employ advanced techniques including thermal imaging methods to find out leaks or moisture. We also carry advanced tools to check the air quality for spores.

2)  We remove ALL mold: Whether it is dormant mold spores in the air or growth under the drywall, we are equipped to detect and remove them all with speed and accuracy.

3)  We eliminate the source: It is not easy to eliminate mold from the surface. Often excess humidity or hidden water leaks are the source of it. We identify the sources and set them right.

4)  We’ve got special cleansers: Mold growth cannot be eliminated with common household cleansers and bleaches. We use specialized disinfectants and chemicals to completely decontaminate the affected regions.

5)  Repair any damage: Mold can cause extensive damage to wood, carpets, drywall and other furnishings. Our specialists treat damaged things with the right chemicals to restore them to their pre-damage state.

6)  Prevent future growth: We undertake various measures including replacing affected things with mold-resistant ones, use paints that have anti-mold characteristics and other methods to prevent future growth.

Is your property facing threat of mold growth? Worry not! We are available round the clock in Boynton Beach, FL area to treat it. Just call us at 561-320-4044 for immediate help.