Boynton Beach


Boynton Beach gets its name from the army Major Nathan S Boynton, who purchased it when he was enchanted by its beauty and optimal climate, back in 1895. With settlers forming communities here, its tropical climate and the agriculture-friendly land aided trading of tomatoes, pineapples and oranges to other parts of US. While the city maintained a low profile for most of its civilized history, after WW2 it was brought into the limelight and it is today frequented by thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Today the expanse of the city is beyond compare, and while it too has taken the road to commercialization and modernization, it still retains the charm of its white sandy beaches and hosts proliferating marine life.

When chaos punctures the calm

While this subtropical paradise’s story of transition is truly inspiring, what’s more inspiring is how the city’s spirit has not been shattered by the occasional stumbles it has met on its way. For instance, in 2005 hurricane Wilma hit the city with record winds and rain, bringing the city down to its knees. The disaster left the city in a mangled mess, with roofs ripped off, street lights downed, trees uprooted and several homes/offices disconnected from the power grid.  Fortunately, Boynton Beach managed to rise above it. One of the key firms working in the field to restore people’s lives and properties was Boynton Beach Water Damage!

Where do we come in?

A disaster brings us to a state where nothing else matters and only survival becomes the prime concern. While the thoughts of survival loom large in your mind, it is crucial to keep a steady head and call upon for professional assistance in the first 72 hours after the disaster. This is advisable to avoid any amplification of the damages incurred. And when it comes to calling for disaster remediation services, there is no need to waste any time in selecting the most suitable service, as you can safely call on 561-320-4044 and be assisted by the very best in the trade – Boynton Beach Water Damage.

We’re available in the following zip codes:

33424, 33425, 33426, 33435, 33436, 33437, 33472, 33473, 33474

How we work when others don’t?

It’s the proactiveness and the agility of service that sets us apart from the substandard competition, when the need arises to serve our clients. Our vans are emergency ready, in the sense that they are pre-installed with all the equipment needed to render a remediation job with finesse. With a team which has both experience and skill at its disposal, we can help restore immediate order at a scene ravaged by disaster.

Apart from disaster mitigation, our other services include

  • Remediating damage caused due to fire/water/moldBoynton Beach Water Damage Boynton Beach, FL 561-320-4044
  • Precise assessment of damage
  • Plumbing leak detection and repair
  • Detection of organic growth owing to water leaks
  • Reconstruction services
  • Industrial scale restoration projects
  • Insurance processing assistance
  • Clean up activities and cleansing
  • Full/partial household remodeling

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